Thursday, 24 December 2009

My New Best Friends Childrens Trust

My new best friends life style guide, new branding and logo design for online sit, logo used on mixed media after being used on the website. Website launched at London event for the children’s trust in October 2009.

Bounce Logo

University of Portsmouth drum and base society, logo design for one of the new dubstep nights.

Newsletters HML Graphics

Weekly promotional newsletters send to the Urban Spark mailing list. Sent out after converted to HML coding/format.

The One Eyed Dog Rubber Dub

One of the most recent Rubber Dub flyers, made with Photoshop and Illustrator December 2009.

Web Design

Web design, aim to make our shop floor virtually, the stairs designed as a main focal point aiming to invite the customer in to the store. The scrap book look was a direct reflection of Urban Sparks fun, energetic personality. Textures and objects that came in to contact while the growth and development of the products took place, ultimately this created the brands identity. The dinosaur and guinea-pig reoccurring within the brands other mixed media work.

Imagery created in Photoshop and Illustrator programs, with mostly freehand drawing and photographs taken from the Urban Spark photo shoot. When the products are viewed the background tone darkens slightly to make products stand out, having a more toned down effect not distracting the eyes from the products.

Packagin Design Urban Spark

Packaging design for the first urban spark collection, keeping our earthy branding with recycled products making badges out of off cuts and using recycled boxes, This packaging has gone down really well with the Urban Spark customers as it feels like they are receiving a present from us!

Coral OCA51 Design

Design also intent aim “to play” with, ease nerves and stress, more popular with a younger market.
First design for necklace, but sample worked more functionally as bracelet. Available colors; green, green and purple. Nickel free metal with silver coating made from molds. Put in to production 2009 in bulk order, two samples needed to clear design.

Urban Spark Viral Advert

The aim of the video viral campaign was to shock our customers, to get some interest while upholding a positive fun attitude. To explain what our brand is about, letting lose and having fun and the ending making the viewer laugh. We had an extremely talented director "William McGregor" to direct and create the video, the shoot days where after hours in a local children’s indoor play arena. The advert was finished within two shoot days on a small budget.

Erchant Black

Etchant Black necklace, made of brass with matt black coating. Designed 2008, production December 2009. Product brooch version sold extremely well. Famous for its spider/alive look one of darker designs from the Jules collection.


Scarves designed, first sample form. Designed: A/W 2008.

Jewellery Urban Spark Jules Collection

Line-up wallet design

Wallet print designed for Urban Spark, 2009 made in to sample for in China.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Rubber dub