Thursday, 18 June 2009


After visiting Brazil I was amazed by the diversity of class, the contrast of rich and poor. The majority of the city is made up of shanty towns (slums) called Favelas, out of these 700 Favelas 300 are said to be run by drug gangs.

I discovered that in the drug trade children as young as 8 are recruited by the drug lords as they are an unlimited resource and exempt from prison making them highly desirable.This is why I have dedicated my project to the Favelas, all the pieces I have made are created out of discarded materials such as flyers, letters, student notes and even drug wraps, all of which I found on the floors of brazil; much like the shanty homes themselves they have been pieced together to make something beautiful.These magnet badges are meant to inform people about the negative aspects of drug culture present in the Favelas, challenging people’s intellect and provoking them to think more deeply about what they indulge in.

This is not endorsing drugs but trying to ensure that people are more educated in the UK, learning about where drugs come from, in terms of manufacture and distribution and the detrimental impact on desperate or innocent Juveniles.

Overall the intention is to produce tangible and desirable items that will highlight the harsh realities of drugs and the effects the drag trade has on other cultures.

Donations will be given back to the organisations that help teach and give pride to the children of the Favelas. From the feedback I received it seems that drug education tackles wrong aspects and that scare tactics are not a modern way of approaching problems, controlling drug abuse is vital, but showing support buy educating yourself is more empowering!

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